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 Prof. P.F. (Paul) van der HeijdenFoto Paul van der Heijden

Paul van der Heijden is currently professor of International Labour Law at Leiden University.

He studied law in Amsterdam (LLM) and Leiden (PhD), was a judge at the Amsterdam District Court, was professor of Labour Law in Groningen, Amsterdam, Bielefeld (Germany), Ghent (Belgium) and Leiden. He served as Dean of the Law School and Rector Magnificus at the University of Amsterdam. He was Rector and President of the Executive Board of Leiden University.

His research is aimed at public and private enforcement mechanisms of Fundamental Rights at Work.

Paul van der Heijden was active in the International Labour Organisation (ILO) for 22 years, and from 2002 - 2017 served as the independent president of the Committee on Freedom of Association (CFA).




 Dr. M.Y.H.G (Yvonne) Erkens Foto Yvonne Erkens

Yvonne Erkens works as an associate professor of Labour Law at Leiden University.

After she graduated at Leiden Law School, she was an assistant professor of Labour Law at Leiden Law School and Erasmus School of Law Rotterdam. She practiced labour law as a lawyer in The Hague and Leiden and stood, working for an employers’ association, at the base of several  collective labour agreements. Since 2004 she works fulltime at Leiden Law School, where she defended her thesis on labour law adjudication in 2013.

Her research is aimed at dispute settlement mechanisms and public and private enforcement of fundamental labour rights.

Yvonne Erkens holds various ancillary positions. She is a part-time labour court judge and chair of the Commission on Research Integrity of Leiden University and the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC).




I.H.E. (Ingeborg) de KoninghFoto Ingeborg de Koningh

Ingeborg de Koningh works as a student assistant at the Department of Labour Law at Leiden University, specifically for the Database of Business Ethics.

She graduated with a BSc “Liberal Arts And Sciences: Global Challenges” from Leiden University College in 2017, with a major in “Governance, Economics and Development,” and a minor in “International Justice.” Ingeborg currently pursues a law degree at Leiden Law School.








R.W. (Rik) van den Beukel Foto Rik van de Beukel

Rik van den Beukel is a master student of Labour Law (LL.M) who works as a student assistant on the Database of Business Ethics at Leiden University.

Currently, he holds a bachelor degree in International Relations and Organisations (BSc) and in Law (LL.B). He also served as a clerk at the District Court of The Hague.